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Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Focus: Project associate, OEM Product R&D, Marketing, Shipping, Purchasing, Accounting

Wellbase Industrial Limited (herein Wellbase) was established in the form of partnership in 1993. The corporate headquarter is located in Hong Kong, affiliated with two manufacturing plants in China, one in Shenzhen and another in Hangzhou. The two plants employ a total of more than 500 staffs and cover a total land area of 170,000 sq fts.

Wellbase specializes in manufacturing kitchenware, bakeware, kitchen utensils and electronic accessories. We have also manufactured many other plastic products for different markets. At Wellbase, our customers can enjoy the convenience of an “One-Stop” experience. From product conceptual idea, industrial design, engineering, mold fabrication, assembly, packaging to final products, we are more than capable in terms of providing full range services to our customers.

The three partners who founded Wellbase are well experienced experts in the plastic manufacturing fields. They are all enthusiastic professionals in the plastic manufacturing business ready to assist our customers. With their collaborative contribution, we are able to provide professional consultations to our customers. Wellbase is an energetic company with an aggressive drive to succeed. We believe that a strong commitment to our customers along with excellent customer services laid the foundation for our continued success. Customer service has already been our first priority.


ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System 02810Q10412ROS

In order to ensure that we meet our customer's requirements and continuous improvements, our factory is considered as an organization with a higher level of quality assurance. Actually ISO 9001 standard have had the good opportunity to reflect on the process and articulate the benefits of registration to our companies. Some of the benefits to our companies after adopted which include the following:

  • Documentation of the company's quality management system.
  • Reduction of variability resulting both from documentation and the use of statistical techniques to monitor the system.
  • Improved communications, both internal and external.
  • Greater awareness of quality by employees, accompanied by enhanced pride in their jobs and contribution to the company's quality system.
  • Provision of training to all personnel.
  • Ability to remain/become competitive in the markets.
  • Elimination of redundancy.

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

Through the implementation of ISO14001 environmental management system, the awareness of all staff and the suppliers/subcontractors in environmental protection has been promoted. Our factory has maintained an ongoing process of environmental impact identification; implemented measures to eliminate or minimize environmental impacts; and provided procedures, practices and guidelines as required maintaining environmental conditions in compliance with the legislations and requirements. On the other hand, we will continue to strive to protect and conserve the environment and make this an essential part of its business activities.



We commit our customers with quality products, competitive price, customized consultation and timely delivery. Quality assurance and certification approvals also play an integral role in our manufacturing process. As an ISO9001-2000 certified manufacturer, we adhere to exacting standards in strategic planning, gap analysis, corrective action, document structure and record control. We stand behind the quality of our products and perform a complete range of product testing in both our QC and QA stations. The goals of our team on quality are:
1) To support the mission and objectives defined by our customers;
2) To monitor the quality policy for effectiveness and continuous;
3) To promulgate and manage the quality program.


Over the years, Wellbase has built up a close relationship with its supplier in order to ensure the steady supply of complete range of material to compliance our products. Our supplier relationships are the envy of the industry and continue to enable us to offer the most competitive prices and services to our customers. Also, we believe that with well management of workforce, schedule and quality, it ensures us a stable and competitive price for our customers at all time.


Wellbase was acknowledged with its prompt delivery performance. Wellbase can always meet with the promised delivery dates that we get over 98.9% on-time delivery record.


We have a strong and stable financial position since operation. Wellbase always pay on time with no bad debts were recorded. Further, Wellbase has got millions US dollars back up by financial groups which prove Wellbase of a healthy financial status.